So today we ordered from a dietarily allowed fast food joint.  They told us delivery would take an hour and 45 minutes.

Its around the corner. But yeah there is a transit strike and yeah their staff probably couldn’t get in so ok.. Nice coworker lady said she’d go pick it up

They left my food out. ( I got a 1/2 chicken with baked potato and salad,  it was one of about 6 items, kinda hard to miss if you actually check off the list.)

She has gone back to get it.

 I’m withholding ratings on this order because I’m already cranky and it may be coloring my response.


Um Ew.

So today’s lunch order was hit or miss.

It arrived on time.

It was correct.

 The steamed veggies and beef I ordred had grey-green beef in it and tasted foul.


They sent a replacement

Whats a half hour between friends

To start things off..

Today is a coworker’s last day before maternity leave and we decided to buy her lunch.

After purusing the online menu of the chosen establishment, we learned that they were sold out of about 25 percent of their lunch offerings. (It was 1pm)

We finally settled on a few things they had left and placed the order around 1:30.  They told us it would be here at 2.  At 2:05, after the order should have arrived, they called us to tell us that they were now out of the item that the lunchee of honor had ordered.

After a vigorous protest, they actually agreed to make the item.  The order arrived at 2:30

On a scale of 1-10

Timeliness: 2 – It was a half hour late. Plus they lost points for not informing us that they were out of our ordered item until after the delivery time.  30 minutes may not seem like much but if you have a meeting to get to, or are on a specific schedule it can mean the difference between eating and not eating. Plus.. don’t lie.  If you can’t get it there in 1/2 an hour don’t say you will. (note: this happens all the time)

Accuracy: 10  the order was correct in its entiretly.

Quality: 7 – Its pretty hard to screw up a tuna sandwich (though it has been known to happen). The ingredients were fresh, and while it was way too costly for what it was (another common problem) it tasted fine.  The tomato soup resembled sauce more than soup, and while I liked it, it wasn’t what i was expecting.  My coworker enjoyed her wrap.

 Frustration: 4  – They kept from being rated lower by the fact that   after we complained they special -made the item they’d run out of .. Still – Don’t be out of your lunch specials by 1pm, and don’t lie about your delivery time.

Overall I’d say this is average.

A change of plans

Ok.. one of the many purposes I originally forsaw for this blog was to complain about my lunch order.  I am diligently spending my retirement money ordering lunch to work and The local restaurants to which I’m confined (office dietary restrictions), reliably screw things up.

I intend this place to serve as sort of a scorecard for the ordering experience, and a good place to vent my ongoing frustration at same.

Orders will be rated in terms of quality, accuracy, timeliness, and frustration.
Plus whatever else I feel like rating it on 😉

I don’t plan on naming  names, and ask any commenters to refrain from doing so as well.

So I was wondering

What the best use of the wordpress blog would be…

and for now I think I’m going to use it as a diet/exercise tracker so I can keep that information separate from the knitting/general blog and not torture those readers who don’t wan’t to read about this.

I plan on tracking food and exercise here.

Very exciting, I know.